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Egg with some of itself inside

When my daughter was four, at a potluck, she asked me for an “egg with some of itself inside”.  She’s always had a way of describing what she wanted to, without having learned the vocabulary.

Today she helped me make some.

Recipe for Egg With Some of Itself Inside:

— boiled eggs, cut in half, lengthwise (some width wise, according to mother/daughter preference) – remove yolks and place in bowl.

— to yolks, add and mix a little salt, pepper, turmeric, parika and mustard to taste.  Add a little water to help thin it for scooping.

— take one teaspoon of seasoned yolk and put inside each egg half.

Viola!  Egg with some of itself inside (aka deviled eggs), ready to serve!

and according to my daughter, they are irresistible!

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Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day around the corner, just wanted to share some ideas!

This jar candle actually glows when lit!  And who’s mom doesn’t love butterflies?

Jar candle

Hanging butterfly

Spring bugs

See more Mother’s Day gift ideas here:


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Perfect for a kid’s room!

Check out these electric Scent Glow Warmers!  Great for putting on a shelf in your kid’s room and using them with melts to add fragrance to the room!



image imageimage

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Great Weather!

Now that the weather is clearing up!

Take a hike!

Take a hike!


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For St. Patrick’s Day!

Candle deals!

Saint Patrick's Day PartyLite Deals

Saint Patrick’s Day PartyLite Deals



Cute Irish Kid’s Design!

I'm a Wee Irish

I’m a Wee Irish


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Most Popular

Most popular t-shirt design on My KIdentity:  My Fish, Daddy’s Fish

my fish tee

My Fish, Daddy’s Fish


Pssst…  there’s one with Grandpa too!


Most popular gloLite candle by PartyLite:  GLOSTRONG™ FOREVER MANGO SCENTED JAR CANDLE

glostrong glolite by PartyLite jar candle



Enjoy the tropical fruity scent of ripe mango while helping a cause! Our new GloStrong Forever Mango GloLite Jar supports the American Cancer Society. A portion of every jar sold goes to the Society’s fight to end cancer. To date, we have raised more than $14.3 million… and we’re still glowing strong! Burn time 50-60 hours.

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Shopping the Online Outlet for Great PartyLite Items!

If you are looking for discounted gift ideas, look no more!

Visit the PartyLite Online Outlet. Great discounts! 90 new items just added! While supplies last.





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Wise Old Sayings – ASL

Hey! Check out this ASL resource!


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Candlemania Scavenger Hunt




If you cannot read this,  click the link below:



or visit www.facebook.com/givemecandles


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