Teach Your Children Sign Language

Below, you can find links to several words in sign language.

New signs are not being added right now, but if I get the time, I will add signs to this page from my “Sign Language (ASL) Word of the Week” posts.  If you want a particular sign available, feel free to comment, or email a request to sales@mykidentity.com.  Once I get up and running on that again, I’ll know what people are interested in!  Until then, please enjoy the signs linked below.

answer, apple, bathroom, bluebus, child, close, crackerdad, diaperdrink, eat, family, fatherfinished, food, help, homehug, juice, lunch, milk, mom, more, mother, musicno, open, playplease, ready, stop, thank, toiletwait, want, water, yes, you’re welcome

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