Music Anyone?

I have always loved music.  My parents have recordings of me singing when I was just two years old.   Naturally, I wanted my own children to share in my love for songs.  I was so surprised when they didn’t take to it.  I sang to them often when they were really little.  But as they got older, they didn’t care to listen or to sing along.  We also sing as a congregation, without musical instruments, during church worship services and when practicing together as a group.  Both of the kids had little interest.  When my son learned to read, it helped a little.  But the love of music still didn’t seem to manifest.

Last July, our family attended a week-long singing camp, organized by some members of the church. It was fun and fulfilling.  The kids enjoyed themselves too.  And my son learned lots of rules about reading music. The impact it had was incredible.   Our kids came home from that camp with the love of music. Our daughter became a fluent reader, which helped her even further. They both sing with joy! It’s indescribable, the effect that this has on my being.  Something I felt was so important for the feeling of the soul, is finally now a part my children’s interest and so I get to listen to them sing now.   I love it!  There is something about spending a week together with a group of people who all love to sing that must have provided that spark that was previously missing.

Treble and notes

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