Egg with some of itself inside

When my daughter was four, at a potluck, she asked me for an “egg with some of itself inside”.  She’s always had a way of describing what she wanted to, without having learned the vocabulary.

Today she helped me make some.

Recipe for Egg With Some of Itself Inside:

— boiled eggs, cut in half, lengthwise (some width wise, according to mother/daughter preference) – remove yolks and place in bowl.

— to yolks, add and mix a little salt, pepper, turmeric, parika and mustard to taste.  Add a little water to help thin it for scooping.

— take one teaspoon of seasoned yolk and put inside each egg half.

Viola!  Egg with some of itself inside (aka deviled eggs), ready to serve!

and according to my daughter, they are irresistible!

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