Great Income Opportunity for Stay at Home AND Working Moms

I’m a PartyLite Independent Consultant and I would love to introduce you to PartyLite! PartyLite
produces platinum quality candles, home fragrance, and beautiful décor. PartyLite offers a flexible
direct selling opportunity for independent Consultants.

It’s not just about home parties anymore! You can join and promote your PartyLite business in the
way that works best for YOU!

Online meetup parties, using Facebook or other social networks and online meeting sites, allow you to introduce the products to guests and link them to shop your site without ever leaving your home (saves travel time)!  Or party on the go, by having your hostess pass out catalogs to her friends and collect the orders a week later!  It’s quite flexible!

candles and decor

PartyLite Starter Kit

Check out Two Ways to Start making money with PartyLite today!

Contact me now! –

Alisha Joseph
PartyLite Independent Consultant

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