Mother’s Day Ideas

I really love these sayings on t-shirts!  This is the time people usually wear them, Mother’s day.   And this Lotus Flower votive holder pair makes a lovely mother’s day gift for candle lovers (use with tealights too)!                             Here are some more links […]

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Lost Wedding Band

I was informed about a lost wedding band.  It was found at Caspersen Beach in Florida. There was an inscription on it:  JAW w ___ 06-__-83.   If anyone can fill in the blanks, I will lead them to the person who found it.  Share this if you want to help!  Thank you guys!

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Music Anyone?

I have always loved music.  My parents have recordings of me singing when I was just two years old.   Naturally, I wanted my own children to share in my love for songs.  I was so surprised when they didn’t take to it.  I sang to them often when they were really little.  But as […]

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Sign Language (ASL) Word of the Week – Blue

This week’s American Sign Lanuage word is:  Blue To sign Blue, make  the letter “b” with your right hand.  Start facing palm toward you, then twist or shake your hand out and away from you from the elbow (without bending your wrist).    

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Welcome to My KIdentity!

This page links you to the online store, where you can find great kids’ clothing and gifts displaying My KIdentity’s designs. You can visit the online shop at   And if you are interested in helping me add  to the Teach Your Children Sign Language page   Here is also a link to the main support page for that:  Help My […]

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Egg with some of itself inside

When my daughter was four, at a potluck, she asked me for an “egg with some of itself inside”.  She’s always had a way of describing what she wanted to, without having learned the vocabulary. Today she helped me make some. Recipe for Egg With Some of Itself Inside: — boiled eggs, cut in half, […]

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Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day around the corner, just wanted to share some ideas! This jar candle actually glows when lit!  And who’s mom doesn’t love butterflies? See more Mother’s Day gift ideas here:

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