I See Green In Our Future

Everyone is going green. Have you gotten your kids involved ? Here are ways to help your children learn how they can participate in improving our environment: 1. Teach them how to recycle. Have them help you while you separate the different recyclable materials (cans, paper and plastic), then bring them with you when you […]

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Sign Language (ASL) Word of the Week – Child

This week’s American Sign Lanuage word is: Child Placing your slightly curved hand about waist high, move it up and down as if you are patting a child on the head.

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Spoiled by Grandma

No matter how you look at it, grandmas are notorious for spoiling your children!  Whether it is a lack of discipline when they watch them, a new toy every time they go to the store, or loads of sweets to make them feel better, grandchildren are SPOILED!  And they’re spoiled the most when you’re not […]

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Kids cannot be funnier.  Siblings will love each other one minute, younger siblings looking up to the older ones, and older siblings watching out for the younger ones…          Then you have little terrors, running around the house or store, making a mess and driving their parents crazy.                    The […]

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