Mrs. Nelson’s has been Yarn Bombed!

That’s right, folks!  Our favorite Toy and Book Shop, Mrs. Nelson’s of LaVerne, CA, was yarn bombed by a local crocheting and knitting group known as The StitchHikers!  The display will last for a week!  On Saturday, June 8th, they will be opening at 10a.  Story Time and Craft will take place at 11a! There […]

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Mask Craft Project

Make a mask with your kids!! 1.  Let your child choose what animal they’d like to be. 2.  You or your child can draw or print an outline of the animal’s face on some card stock  or paper (or even a paper plate if you’re drawing). 3.  Have your child color the face. 4.  Either you or your child can cut […]

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What Can Kids Do?

The real question is:  what can parents do with their kids?  If your little one seems a little restless or bored, why not find an activity online?  There are lots of places that offer free learning tools and ideas for arts and crafts for young ones to keep them busy and thinking.  You can find printable […]

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Kids cannot be funnier.  Siblings will love each other one minute, younger siblings looking up to the older ones, and older siblings watching out for the younger ones…          Then you have little terrors, running around the house or store, making a mess and driving their parents crazy.                    The […]

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